About Us

Corporate Philosophy

Treat Others the Way You Wish to be Treated

It sounds simple but for us living by the golden rule is a unifying force that allows us to do our best. At the center of all we do is the goal of creating value through our collective efforts. To start with, we seek projects with strong margins that allow us to dedicate ourselves to the mission with good cheer. Ample margins create room for solid contingency planning and rich rewards at the harvest. Quality is our hallmark, we are Californians and this is our home. It gives us pleasure to create projects that will fit well in their environment and robustly stand the test of time. We will always treat investor money like our own and commit to faithful completion in our endeavors.

Our Region

California & The Western U.S... The Golden State

California is considered to have almost mythical associations with the peoples of the world. Like a country, a big country, California has the most, highest, lowest, wackiest, most profound, most desolate and most serene of almost anything your imagination can conceive. It's here in superlatives. With the world's 5th largest economy, and leadership in science, technology, agriculture, and the arts, it is among the world's most interesting successful and diverse places. As such, there will be dynamic real estate opportunities far into our golden future.

Nimble. Lean. Efficient.

Our group is lead by principles that we have weathered the cycles over time. We’ve seen tremendous booms and experienced the tide going way back out. From our perspective, this means, lean efficient operations where fewer people, but highly experienced and energetic people, with potent financial incentives, elect to do more. In an era where many large public companies are dramatically scaling down, we see great niche opportunities for the fleet of foot with the capability and midset to take bold action.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

To the greatest practical extent, we commit to being good stewards of our worksite communities and our planet. We subscribe to the principals of the Green Building Council that support conservation and long-term viability and ultimately cost savings along with responsible development. We also believe in the principals contained in “New Urbanism” that create vibrant inter-connected and user convenient land uses where communities can thrive today and a hundred years from now.

Deep & Diverse Experience

Within the group we have bought, sold, and financed, developed, entitled and construction managed all of the following property type: assisted living, commercial, office, residential, storage, hospitality, and resort properties.

We believe in and strive hard to create long-term relationships with sub-contractors, lenders and planning officials, and, of course, our investors.

Capital Markets Access

Through Kurt Toneys we have a front row seat in the capital markets. He has decades of experience with the nationally recognized firms and has successfully closed transactions in real estate finance, venture, and corporate finance. Kurt enjoys personal friendships at a policy level with major financial and private equity organizations.